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Ernest Taylor and Dad with Redfish


A Good Fishing Spot

One of the most common question beginning anglers ask is: “What makes a good fishing spot?” The answer isn’t that simple. Fish live everywhere, but if you know what you’re doing you can catch them in a number of spots. Here are a few tips to get you on the right path.

What to look for when searching for fishing spots

Look for the visual presence of bait; birds standing on the bank at the edge of the water or small fish jumping are good indicators that fish are in the area.
Keep an eye out for a change in the current, a fast moving current that has a eddy right next to it is good thing.
Fish like to hide. Look for changes in landscape. This could be simple as a piece of land sticking out at a point. Also, keep an eye out for grass areas mixed with clear spots.. Basically any place that looks like a good hiding spot for fish is a good place to try to catch one.
The area surrounding docks or other structures are usually good fishing spots, especially when deeper water is close to the structure. Drop offs or ledges can be found using a depth finder, which is a device for measuring water depth.
When fishing in shallow flats with seemingly unvarying depth, look for holes or water depth changes that could be measured in inches, those areas are most often very prime spots.
Like everything, finding a good fishing spot takes some practice, but keeping these tips in mind will get you on the fast track to finding great fishing spots and catching big fish.

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